Hi, I'm Cathy from RoomService2000. Thanks for your interest in RS2KMembership. Let me explain why we offer this verification service and how it can benefit you.

Benefits for Hobbyists:

  • You only need to go through the verification process once
  • Any information provided by you to complete verification is destroyed
  • You will be assigned a specific way to identify yourself to providers
  • Many providers who use our services offer discounts to RS2K members
  • Keeping your information current and correct enables easy verification when contacting a provider

Benefits for Providers:

  • Providers need to feel safe and comfortable when arranging a meeting
  • "Only" hobbyists who we verify can become members
  • "Only" providers can verify that an individual is a verified member of Roomservice2000
  • We provide advertising and membership verification services only! WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY!

We have set the standards of Quality as well as Service and we want you to feel confident that we will continue to have the highest standards in the industry. Our reputation and integrity is always at stake so you have our word that your confidentiality and pleasure will always be first and foremost. As a web site we will always give you the most current reports and reviews for your benefit. We look forward to doing business with you.

Membership applications are completed as we receive them. You can expect completion anywhere from 24-36 hrs of us receiving your application. (Verifications are performed Mon - Fri) You will be notified by email when our process has been completed as well as the proper way to contact the providers of your choice with your membership information. SO PLAN AHEAD - it is advised you contact providers well in advance BEFORE your desired appointment, to avoid the DISAPPOINTMENT of not getting your verification completed in time!

If you have any questions PLEASE email them to us. Also realize we have been doing this type of verification for many years, and always complete necessary procedures in a non-intrusive manner to protect your privacy and anonymity !

We encourage anyone to research the Pro's and Con's for becoming a member, we ask NO ONE to join unless they feel comfortable with our service and the standards we have set and established over the many years of servicing the adult entertainment world.

I personally want you to enjoy the site and our standards for verification of members and advertisers who use the site.


(For verification purposes ONLY)

        Click here to fill out our "secure" online application form

your Lifetime Membership cost is $50

This one time (non refundable) fee is for processing your application!
You will charged ONLY IF YOU ARE VERIFIED.... not just to apply!
It is a membership, that you are required to keep correct and current.

If you need to update your membership information, a small maintenance
fee will be required to maintain and keep your information current.
When changes occur you need to use the MEMBERSHIP UPDATE FORM
to let us know what has changed from your original application.

         Click here to fill out our "secure" online UPDATE form

We accept Visa, Mastercard as well as Gift Cards.



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